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Edmond Broussard
The Man With The Hat

By looking at all his friends here, you would think he was a man with many hats.---Not Edmond---One Hat---and it is a memorable hat.

Knowing someone like Edmond Broussard happens only once in a lifetime.  To some of us, he was DE-DE, a grandfather, a great-grandfather, an uncle, a cowboy, a businessman, a snow skier, and a hunter.  He was a rebel, the rule breaker, a friend and yes, even the enemy.  But what stood out most about Ed, HE WAS HIMSELF.

Ed didn't always follow the rules (or maybe he never followed the rules) nor did he conform to what society expected him to look like or to be. Ed was Ed, for good or bad, like it or don’t like it---He was what you got.  He was what you would call “the whole package”.  That is what we all will remember.

Ed faced many tragedies in his lifetime.  Ed was in several car accidents, attended many of his friend’s funerals, he was burnt severely when he owned his own garage, and the biggest tragedy of his life was burying four children. But Ed never gave up or stopped living.  He was the true meaning of survivor.

Each and every one of us here has a little bit of Edmond Broussard in us.  For sure, we all have a story about what he either did to us or with us---And those stories will be remembered and told for generations to come.

Some people say Ed had nine lives.  I, myself, believe he had many more than nine, but I quit counting a long time ago.

When people learned of his death, these two statements were repeated over and over “You have got to be kidding me” or “If I had to guess how Ed would die, that would be the last on my list”.  But think about it, this was Edmond.  He lived with a story, and he died with a story---A story that nobody would believe unless they knew Edmond Broussard.

Edmond Broussard---the man with a story---The Man With the Hat.

By:Kaby Dugas


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